Ferrous Sulfate With Folic Acid Tablets (large)

Ferrous Sulfate With  Folic Acid Tablets (large)
Product Description
Each Enteric-Coated Tablet Contains: 
Dried Ferrous Sulfate   IP                   335 mg
eq to elemental Iron                            100 mg
Folic Acid                    IP                    0.5 mg

Colour: Blue Coloured (Indigo Carmine)


Blood Products - ferrous Sulphate Preparation

In Blood Products - ferrous Sulphate Preparation  we are offering formulation of apiFerrous SulphateEq To Elemental Iron, Folic Acid, Iron Folate Tablets, Ferrous Fumarate, Sodium Fedetate, Ferrous Ascorbate, Ferric Ammonium Citrate,  etc…in different combination & dosage form like tablets ( sugar coated/ enteric coated/ film coated/ extended release/ slow release/ dispersible tablets/ effervescent tablets), capsule, injection, creams, ointment, syrup, ampoule, liquid tonics, powder, sachets, granules, ors powder etc


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